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Thank You for visiting our Roster Page.  All of our players are looking forward to Collegiate Level Softball.  For any Questions or Inquiries, feel free to utilize the Parent Contact Information listed for each player... Or Contact Head Coach Ray Glanden at the number listed above.


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#24  Madison Hurd    Felton, Delaware
Class of 2024    GPA: 4.0      PSAT:960
Positions:  SS, 2B
Bats: R    Throws: R   
Height: 5'7"            
Current High School:  Lake Forest High School
Other :   National Honors Society 

#18 LaKyla Bland          Georgetown, Delaware
Class of 2024    GPA:  3.0     PSAT:  850
Positions:    3B, OF    
Bats: R    Throws: R   
Height:  5'6"        
Other Sports:     
Current High School:   Sussex Central High School


#16  Abi Crouch          Milton, Delaware
Class of 2026    GPA:  4.0 Honors
Positions:  OF, 2B   
Bats:   Throws: R   
Height:  5'4"        
Current High School:  Cape Henlopen High School
#23 Kate Cannon          Warton, MD
Class of 2025    GPA:  4.5
Positions:  1B, OF, 3B    
Bats:   Throws: R   
Height:   5" 9"
Other Sports:  Field Hockey, Basketball        
Current High School:   Kent County High School
Carah Sumpter.JPG
#2 Ellie Baker          Bridgeville , DE
Class of 2025   GPA:  3.5
Positions:  C, OF, 1B   
Bats:   Throws: R   
Height: 5'8"        
Current High School:  Sussex Central High School
Other Sports:
#11 Ava Webb          Milton, DE
Class of 2026   GPA:  4.0
Positions:  OF, 2B, 3B 
Bats:   Throws: R   
Height:  5" 4"       
Current High School:  Cape Henlopen High School
Other :  Drums Band
#32  Dalainie Monitzer       Milton, DE
Class of 2026   GPA:  4.31
Positions:   C,3B, OF
Bats:   Throws: R   
Height:    5' 7"     
Current High School:  Sussex Academy
Other Sports:
#34  Madison Correll       Camden, Delaware
Class of 2026    GPA: 4.0
Positions:  OF. SS, P    
Bats: R    Throws: R   
Height:   5' 7"            
Other :      
Current High School: Caesar Rodney High School

#3   Hannah Kefauver         Denton, MD
Class of 2026   GPA: 4.0
Positions:   Util, P, OF   
Bats: R  Throws: R   
Other Sports:  Wrestling       
Current High School:  Colonel Richardson High School

#33 Rachael Clark        Smyrna, DE
Class of 2027   GPA: 4.0
Positions: RHP, IB, OF  
Bats: R   Throws: R   
Height:  5" 9"   
Current High School:  Smyrna High School

#99  Mia Barone              Milton, DE
Class of 2023   GPA: 3.9    PSAT:
Positions: OF / P  
Bats: L   Throws: L  
Height:    5' 7"
Current  School: Delaware Tech CC

#01  Chloe Hurd          Felton, DE
Class of 2023   GPA: 3.7    PSAT : 970
Positions:  C, 1B, Util  
Bats: R   Throws: R   
Height:     5' 6"
Current  School: Delaware Technical CC

Kielei Tingle.JPG
#16  Hailey Justice       Frankford, DE
Class of 2023   GPA: 3.9        PSAT: 1160
Positions:  P, 1B, OF  
Bats: R   Throws: R   
Other:    National Honor Society    
Current High School: Frederick MD CC

#13  Skylar Clark           Smyrna, Delaware
Class of 2024    GPA: 3.7      PSAT:850
Positions:   SS, 3B, OF   
Bats: R    Throws: R  
Height:  5' 6"       

Current High School:   Smyrna High School

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